Yu-Ping Kuo

Kuo Yu Ping was born in 1986 in Nantou, Taiwan, and she received her master’s degree in trans-disciplinary arts from Taipei National University of Arts.
Kuo’s art practice includes a diverse range of genres, including painting, video, installation, and performance. She uses art to express the missing elements or insufficiencies between her own experiences in life and what is considered Big History, including issues involving her personal memories, the Cold War, and the circumstances she encounters. Using the notion of “missing or lacking” to bring forth already determined historical predicaments, Kuo uses trauma and disappointments to support a medley of metaphors, which has become a notable feature in her artworks. She seeks to push or correct “existing” concepts, in order for them to be more aligned with reality and the local mentality.
Through her endeavors, she searches for a subjective narrative. Kuo has been working along with dual trajectories in her practice. One concerns how her personal experience and action connect to history and collective memory following a rational criticality and attention to modernisation and politics. The other reflects her inner world featuring a realm of eerie fantasy and intuitive expressions with vibrant and fluid visual language.
Her recent solo shows include: How Real is Yesterday, TKG+ Project (2019); My Little Black Book, Michael Ku Gallery (2017). KUO is the Finalist in the 2018 and 2015 Taipei Arts Award, and participated in the 2018 Taiwan Biennial and 2016 Taipei Biennial.

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