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Michael Ku Gallery presents the latest works by various artists at Taipei Dangdai 2022,such as pieces by LUO Jr-shin (b. 1984), WEI Jia (b. 1975), Chiang Hsun (b. 1947), JIAN Yi-Hong (b. 1988), WU Junyong (b.1978), HSIEH Chun-De (b.1949), and KUO Yuping (b. 1986).
The presentation is going to be like a dialogue between islands and oceans. This exhibition for the fair 2022 would bring the public’s eyes first on three of the most dynamic contemporary artists from Taiwan, the installation work by Luo Jr-shin participated the 11th edition of Liverpool Biennial in March, 2021, calligraphic paintings by Kuo Yuping and contemporary ink on paper by Jian Yi-Hong, then it echoes the works by artists of the elder generation who work across modern and contemporary eras. Chiang Hsun’s ink and oil paintings carrying zen philosophy. Afterwards we look into the established figures born in 70s from China, Wei Jia and Wu Junyong’s paintings.
Under two years of pandemic, the globalization seems to be entering the next phase, and the artists act freely as waves while facing this epoch’s global language and context with their own cultural backgrounds that rise and fall. The artists’ working path will form a more vivid and complex nature of creative process. What Michael Ku Gallery would love to make people notice is the new dynamic emerging in between the artistic discourses that our island creates towards the ocean.


Jia Wei

Between 2003 and 2004, the artist began working with acrylic paint, incorporating into his paintings compositions often found in printmaking pieces. As one of China’s ‘post-70s’ contemporary painters, Wei instilled narratives of youthful and unruly sensitivities in his early works.
Since 2010, he began expanding his interest in human nature, focusing on themes of singularity and universality by investigating the relations between the individual and the collective. Wei’s work depicts the fundamental qualities of life. Preexisting contours disintegrate under his dynamic strokes that dance between the figurative and the abstract, reflecting the everchanging, everlasting, and kaleidoscopic forms of life experienced in contemporary realities.
Jia Wei, Untitled, 2019
Jia Wei, Untitled, 2018
Jia Wei, Lasting as the High Mountains and Long Rivers, 2019
Jia Wei, Untitled, 2020
Jia Wei, Purple Night, 2021


Yi-Hong Jian

Through recurrent simple male nudes, his works based on ink wash depict the undercurrents of desire between teens and middle-aged men with a humorous flavor filled with imagination, while representing reflections of reality and surreal imagination about existence in Taiwan’s society today.
Yi-hong Jian, Self-portrait, 2022
Yi-hong Jian, Shower Room and Urinals, 2022
Yi-hong Jian, Breeze over Dapo Pond, 2022
Yi-hong Jian, Trim Flowers, 2022


Hsun Chiang

Hsun exerts an extensive impact in China, Hong Kong and other regions of the Greater China as well as among Chinese diaspora. As an artist, he picks up oil painting, calligraphy and ink wash painting in a natural manner and create his own unique art language by integrating elements of the aforementioned genres. The artist’s works made in several decades combine and reflect the contexts of his elaboration in art history and cultural fields.
Hsun Chiang, Flowers in Blue Vase, 2022
Hsun Chiang, Flowers in Blue Vase, 2022
Hsun Chiang, Cat, 2021
Hsun Chiang, Afternoon Dream, 2022
Hsun Chiang, Cat, 2021


Jun-Yong Wu

Jun-Yong was born in Fujian in1978. In 2000, he graduated from China Academy of Art in Hangzhou with a BFA in Printmaking. In 2005, he also earned his MFA in New Media Arts from the same school. Besides being a professional artist, Wu also teaches at School of InterMedia Art of China Academy of Art. Wu now lives and works in Hangzhou.
Jun-Yong Wu, Journey, 2021
Jun-Yong Wu, Spring, 2021


Jr-Shin Luo

Luo’s practice revolves around the experimentation of a variety of traditional and unconventional materials. Interested in the framework and modes of production from which our cognitive experiences arise, Luo is known for capturing and amplifying the absurdity within precarious, illusionary, and sometimes delusionary moments of everyday life.
Jr-shin Luo, Tub Sofa (single), 2021
Jr-shin Luo, Tub Sofa (a pair), 2021
Jr-shin Luo, Paint snails with snail paint, 2021
Jr-shin Luo, Paint snails with snail paint, 2021
Jr-shin Luo, Paint snails with snail paint, 2021


Chun-Te Hsieh

Hsieh constantly changes artistic fields and exploring a variety of art media. His work encompasses photojournalism, documentary photography, commercial and fashion photography, design, poetry, film, stage and cuisine. Many of his works aim to express local Taiwanese culture in images, exploring in a refined manner the resolute soul of the Taiwanese people, and manifesting the longstanding spirit of “love for the earth and respect for nature.”
Chun-Te Hsieh, Rising Dust, 1976
Chun-Te Hsieh, Remembered, 1976
Chun-Te Hsieh, Olive Tree in the Light, 1976


Yu-Ping Kuo

Kuo’s art practice includes a diverse range of genres, including painting, video, installation, and performance.
Kuo has been working along with dual trajectories in her practice. One concerns how her personal experience and action connect to history and collective memory following a rational criticality and attention to modernisation and politics. The other reflects her inner world featuring a realm of eerie fantasy and intuitive expressions with vibrant and fluid visual language.
Yu-Ping Kuo, A Happy Fugitive, 2021
Yu-Ping Kuo, Dream, 2021
Yu-Ping Kuo, Dead Water Slight Ripples, 2021
Yu-Ping Kuo, Wind Blowing, 2021