Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1993, Lee YANG was granted the Selected Award of 2020 Taipei Art Awards. He is certainly one of the most worthy-watching contemporary Taiwanese artists in the recent years. His tableau creates a unique perspective that differs his paintings to others. There is no trace of any redundancy in terms of visual languages in YANG’s paintings but only his clear-cut and vibrant style. The directness in this young artist’s personality is fully projected onto his canvas. Paintings to Yang are like inborn human rights and also the honest methods to express free wills. His paintings deal with notable social agendas and phenomena. YANG stitches images with multiple vanishing points to make paintings cluttered with a synergic fragment. In his loosen and free-style strokes, viewers likely to have uncanny feelings interwoven with satire as viewing his paintings and examine the world where we are at the same time.

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