Liang Gallery

  • Public Opening


  • SVIP Preview

    10.20.2022 (Thu) 12:00-21:00

  • Venue

    Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 (No.5, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan)

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This edition of Art Taipei will feature artworks by Chinese abstract master CHU Teh-Chun; renowned French photographer Denis DARZACQ; Japanese media artist, Akinori GOTO; and the following Taiwanese contemporary artists: HSU Chia-Wei, HUANG Yi-Sheng, CHEN Pu, CHOU Tai-Chun, Leo WANG, YEN Ching-Chieh, TSAI Chieh-Hsin, CHIANG Kai-Chun, and YANG Lee.
Liang Gallery will be presenting a list of exciting artworks at Art Taipei 2022, including splendid aurora-like large-scale paintings by CHU Teh-Chun and Denis DARZACQ’s collaborative series with the Paris Opera and his photograph series in the collection of art museums around the world. Also included is HSU Chia-Wei’s latest video work, Electronic Mobility, which integrates the historical vacuum tube with contemporary semiconductor and battery technologies, with the particular technical history and its future possibility explored and shown. In this international exhibition of artworks by Japanese media artist Akinori GOTO, we will see gracefully dance-like moving lights and shadows. Furthermore, HUANG Yi-Sheng will be presenting his popular lion painting collection, which will surely once again become a social media sensation. Also on view will be the much-anticipated latest creations by CHOU Tai-Chun, YEN Ching-Chieh, Leo WANG, and YANG Lee. In collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, CHEN Pu’s work will feature cutting-edge projection technology, with new horizons in the area of NFT art opened up. TSAI Chieh-Hsin has worked extensively for years with paper fiber to create hand-molded shapes with pulp, and also noted for her focus on environmental conservation and heart-warming subjects, her family-friendly series is especially uplifting and captivating. Working with mosaic art, CHIANG Kai-Chun creates mosaic collages using natural stones, and juxtaposing ephemeral beauty and the sense of timelessness in stone, the touching theme presented by the artist is a must-see in person.
TSAI Chieh-Hsin,Cloud Mom Cloud Baby,2022
Denis DARZACQ,La Chute - Sans titre 12,2006
CHU Teh-Chun,Le flou des origines,2006
LEE YANG,Lulu Lime – High-Reaching Diva,2021
YEN Ching-Chieh,The Absent Khun-sin,2022
YEN Ching-Chieh,Island Section-Summon Japanese Trails,2022
YEN Ching-Chieh,Mountain Stream Flowing in the Forest,2022
CHEN Pu,Dimorphology#4,2022
HSU Chia-Wei ,Electronic Mobility,2022
Akinori GOTO,Progress,2017