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At the Taipei Dangdai 2022, Chini Gallery will proudly present the latest art series of four renowned Taiwanese artists including HO Kan, LEE Kuang-Yu, Yang Pei-Chen, Song Sheau-Ming, Nick DONG, Wang Suling, as well as artist Daniel Pulman from the UK. The art practice of these representative contemporary artists ranges from geometric abstraction to realist oil painting, sculpture, and kinetic art installation.

In their respective ways and with unique creative styles, these artists have continuously set milestones on their artistic journey. It is worth mentioning that these featured artists have extensively exhibited abroad, such as at the Venice Biennale, international art institutions, and art fairs overseas, making them highly active in the international art scene. For the first time, their works are shown together through Chini Gallery’s curatorial effort.

The exhibition contains Ho Kan’s iconic large-scale works created in 2020, in which Ho has continuously explored new possibilities of geometric abstract expression in a fresh manner; Lee Kuang-Yu’s recent sculptures in 2021, revealing a new structuralist tendency with the spatial language of the “void” substantiated and dynamism that express lightness and the vigor of nature; Yang Pei-Chen specializes in using exquisite carving skills and elaborate mimetic coloring to create wood sculptures that can fool the naked eye. The latest History Series created with his approach to give the works a more profound, reserved and tranquil quality, involving with history, culture, and time. Song Sheau-Ming’s latest Geometric Series, a humorous vision that Song conceptually continues his imagery of masking tape; Nick Dong’s Divine Moments series, the fantasy mechanics of the installation that explores the concept of gravity and playing with perception and reality; Wang Suling has used her paintings to convey the deep thinking between her personal experience and the external landscape for many years. The new series presents the latest abstract vocabulary. The “”light”” in the painting is reflected in the gaps of the huge and dynamic gestures with light ink colors; as well as Daniel Pulman’s vivid Guguan Series, depicting human presence in the landscape through artistic application of colour, distortion, and repetition.


HO Kan

Ho Kan was born in Nanjing, China in 1932, and moved to Taiwan in 1949 when he started to study modern art with LEE Chun-Shan. In 1964, he traveled to Milan, Italy where he lived for fifty years, and now lives in Taipei, Taiwan. As a member of “Tong Fan Art Group”, Ho was extremely influential to the development of modern art in Taiwan in the 1960s. 

HO Kan, Abstract 2020-034, 2020
HO Kan, Abstract 2020-005, 2020
HO Kan, Abstract 2020-010, 2020
HO Kan, Abstract 2020-027, 2020
HO Kan, Abstract 2020-021, 2020


LEE Kuang-Yu

Lee Kuang-Yu’s creations crosses cultural and historical boundaries, representing a cultural marker in which traditional Buddhist and Daoist thought intertwines with modernism. His work cannot be assigned to any usual stylistic category. Instead, his works create a unique language with his incomparable skill, style and materials which in turn embodies the complex nature of Taiwanese art while representing the essence of Taiwanese culture. 

LEE Kuang-Yu, Spread the wings, 2021
LEE Kuang-Yu, Splendor of dance, 2021
LEE Kuang-Yu, empty flower , 2021


YANG Pei-Chen

Yang is one of the representative hyperrealist sculptors in the Chinese contemporary art scene. His works are all created out of complete wood blocks that are exquisitely carved by hand and elaborately colored for mimetic effect, rendering them extremely realistic and almost impossible to tell that they are wood sculptures.

The Object of Memory Series created during 1997 and 2015 is a series of realistic sculptures based on specific historical objects, portraying the people as well as the feelings and memories associated with the objects. The History Series started in 2016, on the other hand, focuses on a more profound, reserved and tranquil depiction of centuries-old European books, expressing the culture and history embodied by the objects.

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大摩Dalmore x 楊北辰 YANG Pei-Chen
YANG Pei-Chen, Transcribe Ancient Books XX I I- “biblia”, 2021-2022
YANG Pei-Chen, Transcribe Ancient Books X- Mémoires et Consultations, 2019
YANG Pei-Chen, Transcribe Ancient Books XX-“ Shakespeare’s Plays”, 2021-2022
YANG Pei-Chen, Transcribe Ancient Books X IX- “Jacques Nicolas Beliin Ballu- Oeuvres de Lucien”, 2021-2022


SONG Sheau-Ming

Song Sheau-Ming is a highly representative abstract artist among Taiwanese mid-generation artists. He holds a PhD in Visual Art from the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts (LICA) of Lancaster University, UK.

Song’s latest Ocean Series is created over the past few years; the series conceptually continues his imagery of masking tape, a response to conventional (two-dimensional) realist art that he formulated since he was living in the UK. At the same time, these works also reflect his experience of living by the sea and the existence of mundane life, in which individual is like solitary isle in the society. 

SONG Sheau-Ming, Between, 2021
SONG Sheau-Ming, Variation , 2021
SONG Sheau-Ming, Errorr , 2021
SONG Sheau-Ming, Xùyǔ, 2021
SONG Sheau-Ming, Zhi Yú, 2021



Nick Dong graduated with a BFA in Mixed Medias and Paintings from Tung-Hai University and further acquired an MFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry at the University of Oregon. After moving to Oakland, Dong established his own atelier: “studioDONG” in 2013 and started to exhibit both nationally and internationally.

In 2012, Dong was enlisted as one of the 40 Under 40: Craft Futures artists by the Renwick Gallery of Smithsonian American Art Museum. Dong is more than just a trained metalsmith; he is a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist that incorporates science theories, cutting age technologies, and humanity into his work, with the aim to spark wonder and create transcending experiences.

Nick DONG, Divine Moments-Time tower, 2021
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Nick DONG, Divine Moments-Round table, 2021
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Nick DONG, Space Time, 2021
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Suling Wang

Suling Wang is the first Taiwanese artist to win the honoree at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in 2019. Informed by her experience of growing up in Taiwan, her work embodies her understanding of traditional Taiwanese folk mythology, Buddhist philosophy, and the art of Chinese calligraphy, revealing strong connotations of Eastern art and culture. 

Suling Wang, Qingjing, 2021
Suling Wang, Mountain Study 2, 2021
Suling Wang, Mountain Study 3, 2021
Suling Wang, Mountain Language, 2022
Suling Wang, Top cloud, 2021



Daniel Pulman (b. 1975) was born in Manchester, UK, and received his master’s degree in painting from the Royal College of Art, UK in 1999. He has lived London, Paris, New York and Taichung, and has spent the last few years travelling extensively in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

He specializes in visualizing his observation, perception and memory of natural landscape and cultural characteristics of different places through painting the everyday life of ordinary people. 

Daniel PULMAN, The Violet Bather, 2021
Daniel PULMAN, Bather, 2021
Daniel PULMAN, The Bathers of Guguan, 2021-22
Daniel PULMAN, Man Beneath a Cliff, 2021
Daniel PULMAN, Untitled, 2021