SONG Sheau-Ming

Song Sheau-Ming is a highly representative abstract artist among Taiwanese mid-generation artists. He holds a PhD in Visual Art from the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts (LICA) of Lancaster University, UK. 

Song’s latest Ocean Series is created over the past few years; the series conceptually continues his imagery of masking tape, a response to conventional (two-dimensional) realist art that he formulated since he was living in the UK. At the same time, these works also reflect his experience of living by the sea and the existence of mundane life, in which individual is like solitary isle in the society. This group of abstract (painterly) depiction is rational and sentimental. The images might have been the landscape of certain places, but as they become blurred and imaginative. Personal memories in the depth seem to emerge from the painted surface, enveloping viewers in the feeling of tranquility and the atmosphere of lyric, creating a resonance within their heart.

Curriculum Vitae
SONG Sheau-Ming (1967- )

1967 Born in Hualien, Taiwan
2008 PhD, Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University, UK
2002 MFA, City College, City University of New York, US
1994 BFA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwa

Solo Exhibition

2020 Intertidal, Chini Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 Chapter, Main Trend Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 Soliloquy, Galleria H., Taipei, Taiwan
2013 The Ocean, The Solo Project, Basel, Switzerland
2011 Sheau Ming Song 2011, Galleria H., Taipei, Taiwan
2008 Fu Sheng Ruo Meng (The Vanity), Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster, UK
2002 Living With Shadows, Compton-Goethals Gallery, New York, US

Group Exhibition

2020 ART TAIPEI, Taiwan
2018 Minimalism.Cold Abstraction – Contemporary Abstract Art in Taiwan, Chini Gallery, Taipei; Remarkable Cultivation Art Museum, Tainan, Taiwan
Fruit, flower, object and others, Double Square Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 ART FORMOSA, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 ART TAIPEI, Taiwan
Art Gwangju, Gwangju, Korea
Art15 London, London, UK
2014 ART FAIR, Cologne, Germany
Art14 London, London, UK
2012 Focus Asia 2012, ART TORONTO, Toronto, Canada
Invited to join National Oil Paintings Exhibition 2012, Taichung City Seaport Art Center, Taichung, Taiwan
Art Tainan, Tainan, Taiwan
2010 Wavering Gray, Mingshan Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
A World in a Flower, Mingshan Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2009 Spring Show, Blackheath Gallery, London, UK
Mingshan Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2000 Invited to join the charity art auction for Sept. 21, 1999 Earthquake Rescue Foundation at Laurels Hotel, Taichung, Taiwan
1999 Invited to join the charity art auction for rebuilding the municipal historic spot: Tsai Jui-yueh Dance Research Institute, Taipei, Taiwan
Historical Event Remapping in Memory of the February 28, 1947, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
1998 Oil painting collected and exhibited in Taipei Fubon Bank, Taipei, Taiwan
1996 Invited to join the Fifth Moon Art Group Exhibition at Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Mingchan Art Gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
1995 Invited to join the Fifth Moon Art Group Exhibition at National Zhong Zheng Art Gallery and Image Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1994 Participated in Asia-Pacific Region Art College Exchange Exhibitions at Chinese University, Hong Kong


2013 Selected as one of 100 Contemporary Artists by Aesthetica Art Prize 2014, York, UK
Thesis: To what extent is Realism in Painting a relevant and vital force in contemporary art? is reposited in The British Library, UK
2008 Award of PGR Hardship Funding, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University, UK
2007 Award of International Graduate Insight Group Scholarship, UK
Award of The Dowager Countess Eleanor Peel Studentship, Lancaster University, UK
2006 Too Much is shortlisted for the Prize of John Moores 24, Walker Art Gallery, National Museums Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
2001 Connor Awards (Fall), The City College of the City University of New York (CCNY), US
Connor Awards (Spring), CCNY, US
1997 Oil paintings collected and exhibited in Tainan City Fine Arts Competitions III, Tainan, Taiwan
1996 First Place of Huilan Prize in painting, Huilan Fine Arts Competitions, Hualien, Taiwan
1994 Award of Professor Liao Chi-Chun Scholarship, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), Taiwan
First Runner-up in Painting, First Runner-up in watercolour, Graduation Fine Arts Competitions, NTNU, Taiwan
Second Runner-up in painting, First Runner-up in watercolour, The 44th Department of Fine Arts Competitions, NTNU, Taiwan
1985 First Runner-up in painting, Hualien County-wide Fine Arts Competitions, Hualien, Taiwan



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