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    10.20.2022 (Thu) 12:00-21:00

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    Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 (No.5, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan)

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A Rondo between the Changed and Unchanged

The changing circumstances makes our attempt at metaverse all the more desperate: We have never been closer to the “state of reality bordering on fiction” than we are now. Encounters between humans or between humans and objects occur on the cloud, where the world is just inches away, the vicinity, something beyond the horizon.
Art, in a state of fiction closest to reality, is the opposite of the metaverse. As a gallery, we strive to give voice to outstanding artists, and continuously encourage viewers to explore through their creations the reality and fiction, or vicissitudes, transient moments of life.
Exploration “through their creations” is more of a physical encounter than a metaphorical one. As physical labor inevitably leads to sweat and hard work, a confrontation between humans and artworks will ultimately take place, triggering inspirations, interpretations, challenges, confusions, and thus reflections.
The word “change” undoubtedly characterizes the 21st century. Unprecedented changes have been affecting personal life, world politics, and even business operations. Instead of being a reticent outsider, Red Gold Fine Art sees the need to adapt in the midst of changes. As you may “remain unchanged in the face of changes,” it is certainly not the only way out. Rather than “remaining unchanged in the face of changes,” we take a look back at the artists and their works, trying to ponder on the meanings and perspectives of the changed and unchanged right from the beginning.
For this year’s ART TAIPEI, Red Gold Fine Art presents artworks by senior and young artists from Taiwan, as well as by international sculptors. Through creations, they demonstrate persistence in artistic pursuit, attitudes towards the times, and reflections on their impact on the selves. While the relationship between the artists and the times can be close or distant, the relations and distance between them will eventually become cultural imprints.
Taiwan’s senior artists are represented by Lee Yih-hong, Yang Shih-chih and J. C. Kuo, whose curiosity and open-mindedness to media, subjects, and creative concepts are fresh and exciting as ever. Time and persistence have allowed them to develop their own irreplaceable styles and characteristics. The changed and unchanged in them are sophisticated and refined, yet calm and relaxed.
As representatives of the young artists, Liu Chia-wei, Lu Hao-yuan and Hung Hsuan have had solo exhibitions hosted by Red Gold Fine Art over the last two years. They have continued their artistic endeavors during the pandemic. From the perspective of the younger generation, they put forward their observations and thoughts, shedding light on the twists and turns in the changing circumstances. To them, there is both a bearable heaviness and bearable lightness in what has changed and unchanged, since all changes can be endured in the prime of their youth.
The International Sculpture Section features three distinguished professors from Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan: Osamu Kido, Takashi Fukai, and Takeshi Hayashi. Red Gold Fine Art has arranged the shipment of the significant works recently revealed by the three artists to Taiwan. These works have just toured to solo exhibitions in Tokyo; since it is quite impossible to see them where they were due to the pandemic, we decided to move them here. Ruan Weng-mong, a German-Chinese metal sculptor, is the first Taiwanese artist to have been invited to hold a solo exhibition at Pforzheim Jewellery Museum. This time, he will bring some of his new works recently exhibited in Germany.
The pandemic has dealt a great blow to the art industry and artists. While trying to organize online exhibitions and live-stream openings in response to the changes, Red Gold Fine Art has insisted on hosting “non-fictional” exhibitions. Step by step, we hope to reconnect humans with art, or people with artworks.
J.C. Kuo,Walker,2016
J.C. Kuo,Strait,2022
Osamu Kido,SPIRAL.UD,2019
Fukai Takashi,Dissipating Thoughts–Sky,2022
Yang Shih Chih,Next to Space is Space,2022
Hayashi Takeshi ,Ishi-ma open air,2018
LIU Chia-wei,121°35'35.675E 25°9'8.391N,2022
LIU Chia-wei ,121°26'17.003E 24°42'12.986N,2022
LU Hao-yuan,Christmas Star,2022
HUNG Hsuan,Firefly Astronomy,2022