Li Jiun-Yang

Born in Taitung, LI who calls himself “Miao Gong Jiun Yang” is a self-taught and versatile creator. He can not only paint but also make sculptures and installations. He loves watching movies and dramas; he dabbles in music and performance, too. From guitar, huqin to guqin, he has taught himself the instruments while verses, ditties, odes and songs are not difficult for him. The nourishment for his creations comes from heaven, earth and in-between as well as daily life─folk religion and pop culture. Art is as easy as falling off a log for him, he naturally transforms the heroic idols he has loved since childhood into puppets of Budaixi, ink-and-wash painting, oil painting and other works, and furthermore combining with the gods of Taiwanese folk religion to create unique images of “Li’s Ultraman”. There is no academic burden on LI, his work showing freedom and relaxation is the truest reflection of life!

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