Kido Osamu

Excerpts from Spiral – Osamu Kido’s Metal Sculpture Exhibition, A Curator’s Reflections, Yun-Hsin Lai
Kido mentioned in one interview that, “I try to bring out the basic form of nature.” There might not be a direct linkage between his “spiral” and the forms of mountains, rivers, flowers, grass, and trees in the nature. However, as speculated by Akiko Mabuchi, Director General of the National Museum of Western Art (1947~), Japan, it might be something as tiny as a spiral helix of DNA, or gigantic as a spiral galaxy in the cosmos; it seems that Kido views art from a much bigger perspective, as if following the trajectory of the universe. Following the same line of thought, when reflecting the surroundings, the stainless steel also echoes the world around it. In spite of being an unusual existence, it belongs to both the universe and nature for being “spiral.” Since Kido’s works are characterized by the essential quality of existence in the world, we might as well see his every creation as a little universe.

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