Jorge Rivera

Jorge Rivera is a Spanish born artist, he spent his formative years in London where he received his MA and Ph.D. in Fine Arts/ Sculpture from the prestigious Royal College of Art. Since then he has been granted with many awards and residencies which lead him to live in other major towns such as Los Angeles, Tokyo, Berlin or Vienna. His work has been internationally recognised and showed in leading contemporary galleries, museums and Art fairs being auctioned by Sotheby’s and taking part in relevant private and public collections. Throughout his life Jorge has worked in a variety of medias and materials, ranging from casting bronze, carving marble, printing on inflatable vinyls and plastics, film, performance, drawing and painting. He has used these diversity of materials and methods as a way to explore, reflect on and share his relationship with the different contexts and cultures he has lived on.
Throughout these experiences he has developed a personal sensitivity and form of perception, that of a contemplative observer who sees Art making as a two-folded inward journey which forms and is itself formed by outward everyday experience. Jorge’s practice is rooted in self-reflection, an act of self/discovery where different layers of subjectivity unveil themselves within the process. With his work he constantly strives to encounter moments of total connectivity with the materials, meaningful moments charged with deep emotion. Unsustainable brief gestures experienced as suspended fragments of time which are somehow miss-perceived or perhaps truly perceived as eternal.

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