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    04.14.2022 (Thu.) 12:00 – 21:00

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    EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park (No. 1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)

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EUDAEMONIA is an Ancient Greek term which denotes a state of well being, a balanced physical and mental space where human needs and expectations are fulfilled, allowing inner joy and wellness to flourish. The word itself means “Good” and “Spirit” and it indicates the cultivation of certain good qualities or virtues needed for Spirit to prosper into a more meaningful and blissful life. Vicissitudes are the difficulties that we normally encounter on our everyday attempts to find meaning, a consideration in how the limitations of our contemporary materialistic society fails to deliver higher states of consciousness and purposeful existence.
EUDAEMONIA & it’s Vicissitudes Is presented like a libretto for an opera, an staged play in 3 parts with magnetic characters who confronting the viewer could hopefully lead him or her to look into their personal circumstances and inner space. A total of 35 paintings, showed in two venues, Gallery 333 and Taipei Solo will completes this body of work


Choi Eunbyeol

Choi Eun byeo is an artist based in Korea. She majored in textile design and graduated from Konkuk University in Seoul. After graduation, she worked as a designer, and she started making my work in 2013. She was interested in street culture, so she usually paint with spray and made art toys (Sculture). And she like to try new things, so sometimes she work with a variety of materials, such as textile and ceramics.
She have mainly exhibited at subculture fairs in Asia and the United States, and since 2020, she have entered the art scene in earnest by participating in an art residency called Sindang Creative Arcade (Art space Sindang). And she exhibited at solo exhibitions and group exhibitions and participated in the Seoul Auction in 2021.
Choi Eunbyeol,People 3,2022
Choi Eunbyeol,People 1,2022
Choi Eunbyeol,Selfie,2022
Choi Eunbyeol,Bunny boy,2022
Choi Eunbyeol,People 2,2022


Mai Nagamoto

Born in Taito Ward, Tokyo in 1984 Raised in Kasukabe Saitama,Japan Started painting from an early age and having learned to paint on her own. Free-style painting on inspiration and depicting mainly with own fingers. Developing remarkable piece of work with deep dark colors and modelings to express moodiness and depression emerged in the back of mind as we had grown up. Pop color which represents purity and innocence we all had in childhood instead.
Learn more about introduction of works by live painting tied-up with events in Japan and overseas, custom painting for 3D object with other artists and products. Also extending the scope of activities aspiringly to provide the tailor-made works, product plannings / editings and collaborations.
2014 First new Toy launched(Soft Vinyl Toy “NEA”)
2015 Monster Toy INNOCENT&CORE launched (Soft Vinyl Toy)
Mai Nagamoto,The winds of peace blow,2022
Mai Nagamoto,Be faithful to your desires,2022
Mai Nagamoto,Under the blue sky,2019
Mai Nagamoto,We who have no name,2022
Mai Nagamoto,Multilateral anger,2019


Aki Tsukamoto

1989 born in Japan. After graduating from Musashino Art University in 2014, Aki worked in Tokyo, mainly making screen prints. 2016 was a turning point, as Aki’s artistic practice shifted after he moved from Tokyo to New York, focusing more on oil painting. He believed that acrylic paint and spray paint would be the main medium of American culture and art, so he began to use oil as a medium to forge his creative path against the current. Soon after, he began creating works such as the “Neo-Cubism” series, which combined the art of the Pink Panther with Picasso, and the “Subway” series, which depicted animated characters in the New York subway system. In this way, he has been collaging ready-made patterns with familiar objects and places from his everyday life.
Apple founder Steve Jobs famously said: “You can’t connect the dots in advance, only when you look back to the present day in the future will you understand how the dots fit together. So you have to believe now that the bits and pieces that are happening in the present, will somehow be connected in the future.”
Talking about the uniqueness of things being unexpectedly connected or combined. In his painting practice, he has a keen interest in finding these dots and connecting them together in unforeseen and absurd ways. He is excited about his potential for storytelling in his work when the connection of points is often inconsistent or disturbed. For example, Japan’s MAD (animated music video), can edit and rearrange scenes from movies and animations on most video streaming platforms to create new unpredictable stories and endings that are far removed from their original setting. He was drawn to these unexpected forms and used them as inspiration to start his paintings.
Aki Tsukamoto,#Drawing 1,2022
Aki Tsukamoto,#Drawing 2,2022
Aki Tsukamoto,#Drawing 3,2022


Jorge Rivera

Jorge Rivera is a Spanish born artist, he spent his formative years in London where he received his MA and Ph.D. in Fine Arts/ Sculpture from the prestigious Royal College of Art. Since then he has been granted with many awards and residencies which lead him to live in other major towns such as Los Angeles, Tokyo, Berlin or Vienna. His work has been internationally recognised and showed in leading contemporary galleries, museums and Art fairs being auctioned by Sotheby’s and taking part in relevant private and public collections. Throughout his life Jorge has worked in a variety of medias and materials, ranging from casting bronze, carving marble, printing on inflatable vinyls and plastics, film, performance, drawing and painting. He has used these diversity of materials and methods as a way to explore, reflect on and share his relationship with the different contexts and cultures he has lived on.
Throughout these experiences he has developed a personal sensitivity and form of perception, that of a contemplative observer who sees Art making as a two-folded inward journey which forms and is itself formed by outward everyday experience. Jorge’s practice is rooted in self-reflection, an act of self/discovery where different layers of subjectivity unveil themselves within the process. With his work he constantly strives to encounter moments of total connectivity with the materials, meaningful moments charged with deep emotion. Unsustainable brief gestures experienced as suspended fragments of time which are somehow miss-perceived or perhaps truly perceived as eternal.
Jorge Rivera,Yue Fei vs Medusa,2022
Jorge Rivera,Charity or the Queen of Time,2021
Jorge Rivera,First Lucky Charm,2021
Jorge Rivera,Transmission,2022
Jorge Rivera,Compassion in the Times of War,2022


Tzen Sieur

Tzen Sieur was born in Zhangzhou, Fujian in 1944, also known as Zeng Siyou, a Taiwanese video artist and painter. live now New York. Studying in Paris, France, Ph.D. In 1972, he went to the Paris University School of Art to study for a doctoral program. He was affected by culture and advocated the self-concept declaration “I am art I AM ART” and “Zeng doctrine Tzenist”, which made the evolution of the creative concept more trans-international. Created “ALL MY NATIONALITIES ALL MY NATIONALITIES” hexagram, race “WHAT WILL BE WILL” BE “quartet of oil paintings. I got to know Zao Wou-Ki, Chu Teh-Chun, Hsiao Chin, Koji Enokura and other well-known Asian artists. In 1976, he went to the United States and settled in New York. After the painting style, the concept of artistic expression became more profound. Influenced to the creation in the 1990s, there were “post-” Humans: “Molbeing” installation art, “Gulf Guerre”, “Rebirth” (Reborn)” and other performance art, “Anti-Art” mental state video art. In 2010, she held a video solo exhibition at Shenzhen Fine Art Academy, China, and established a Beijing studio in the same year. And met with Ai Weiwei. 67 years old (2011) Solo exhibition of “Community of Brainwash” in Beijing Li Space. At the age of 71 (2015), he was invited back to Taiwan to exhibit “Tseng Shi-you’s 70th Retrospective Exhibition” at the National Taiwan Museum of History, and published 70 retrospective books by the “National Museum of History”. 73 years old (2018) “Monoism Monism” MONO series of paintings, will MONOCHROME’s CHROME removed.
Tzen Sieur,White gauze girl,2001
Tzen Sieur,Explore,2001
Tzen Sieur,Nude female body-5,2001
Taichung Taipei