Fa-Cheng Huang

Huang Fa-Cheng was born in Chiayi, Taiwan in 1982, Based in Kaohsiung. Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of National Kaohsiung Normal University. He cares about nature and the environment. 2007 he was selected for the Taipei Fine Arts Award and held the first solo exhibition at the Chiayi Railway Art Village. 2008 he was selected for the Kaohsiung Fine Arts Award, and held a solo exhibition at Art Gallery of Normal University in 2008. 2014 he won the first prize of the first “GO·TO Taiwan” Art Awards. He held a solo exhibition at Apollo Art Gallery in 2018 and he participated in the Art Taipei twice in 2015 and 2020. In the last years, regardless if caused by typhoon, earthquake or other natural and man-made calamities of any sort this kind of scenery constantly appears in our lives throughout television network and all similar kind of transmission media, like prophecy of the future situation. He Through the internet media I gathered images of the changes caused by the landslips in the landform and the architectural setting of Taiwan, and after that I adopted the ink landscape painting to represent the landslips. He tried to study the use that ancient literati made of the landscape painting to evaluate and recognize the principle of humankind and of nature, trying to seek the relation between humankind and nature, another level to reflect on how we face the world we know through the screen.

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