Apollo Art Gallery

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    04.14.2022 (Thu.) 12:00 – 21:00

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    EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park (No. 1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)

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“Sound of mountains” Solo Exhibition of Tung-Jinn Yeh

Tung-Jinn Yeh uses oil pastels to create special textures on screens. The colors are elegant and fresh. The simple landscape composition exudes peace and calm. “Sound of mountains” is the title of Yeh Tung-Jinn’s recently completed series. The mountain remains the theme in his paintings; but contains increasingly bold depictions of the horizon into two halves in order to form fields of beach and broad sky. Tung-Jinn Yeh graduated with a degree in Mathematics from the National Taiwan Normal University before becoming a math teacher. Upon retiring, he settled amongst the mountains of Puli, becoming a full time artist. Although mathematics and art are often considered vastly different disciplines, Yeh sees a similarity in their thought processes. Yeh’s works contain misty forests and mountains, glowing moonlight, silhouettes of birds. Yeh uses oil pastels to portray his detailed landscapes, transcending reality to accurately represent his personal interpretations of the tranquil scenes.
Tung-Jinn YEH,Beyond Desire No.23,2020
Tung-Jinn YEH,Beyond Desire No.24,202
Tung-Jinn YEH,Beyond Desire No.3,2019
Tung-Jinn YEH,Sun loves me,2000
Tung-Jinn YEH,Beyond Desire No.12,2019

“Art test is negative“ Solo Exhibition of Huang Fa-Cheng

The artist who participates in this solo exhibition is Huang Fa Cheng, the first prize winner of the 1st “GO‧TO TAIWAN” Huang’s creations focus on thinking about the interaction between human and nature, as well as current events and environmental issues. The exhibition will be divided into three themed series: artificial scenery, lonely scenery, and pandemic scenery series, respectively. Huang uses objects and scenes from his surroundings as inspiration. The elements he utilises, such as swimming pools, sidewalk trees, gardens, are all physical presences that either obstruct or replace nature. By adding in elements of human society and behaviour, either explicitly or metaphorically, Huang creates a sense of ambiguity on his canvases as he interrogates the contradicting scenes and feelings that exist as a result of civilisation.
Fa-Cheng HUANG,Flight Practice,2021
Fa-Cheng HUANG,Alone,2021
Fa-Cheng HUANG,Floating on the tree,2021
Fa-Cheng HUANG,Bridge,2019
Fa-Cheng HUANG,When I’m Looking to…,2020