French photographer, Denis DARZACQ was born in 1961 in Paris, and lives and works mainly in Paris. Graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts in 1986, he begins photography by following the French rock scene and movie sets. Satyajit Ray, Jacques Rivette, Chantal Ackerman, etc.
From 1989, he regularly collaborates with the daily newspaper Libération and more generally with the national press, before moving in the mid-1990s towards a more personal photographic work. From press photography, which was the cradle of his artistic practice, Denis Darzacq maintains a sharpened view of contemporary society and a method: that of field work in direct contact with his subject. But, convinced that planned images paradoxically serve to reflect society with greater acuity than reporting and testimony, he develops an analytical approach that leads to very coherent and formal series.
Regularly exhibited, and awarded by prestigious prizes, World Press Photo in 2007; Niépce Prize in 2012, etc. His photographs have been included in numerous public and private collections, such as Musée National d’Art, Pompidou Center, Fred and Laura Bidwell Art Collection, French National Contemporary Art Fund, the Nicéphore Niépce Museum, and The Caldic Collection, Netheland.

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