Chun-Te Hsieh

Hsieh Chun-Te (b. 1949) currently lives and works in Taipei.
Hsieh constantly changes artistic fields and exploring a variety of art media. His work encompasses photojournalism, documentary photography, commercial and fashion photography, design, poetry, film, stage and cuisine. Many of his works aim to express local Taiwanese culture in images, exploring in a refined manner the resolute soul of the Taiwanese people, and manifesting the longstanding spirit of “love for the earth and respect for nature.”

Hsieh Chun-Te has participated in many important exhibitions and biennial, including: “NEXEN–The Parallel Universe of Hsieh Chun-Te–The Final Chapter”, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts(TW, 2021) ; “TEN-KA – The Parallel Universe Of Hsieh Chun-Te”, MoNTUE, Taipei (TW, 2018-19); “Looking Back – Taiwanese Photographers’ Island Gazes 1970s-1990s”, The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung (TW, 2018); “The Parallel Universe of Hsieh Chun-Te – Brave The World”, Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (TW, 2016-17); “Riverbed 1968”, Chi-Wen Gallery, Taipei (TW, 2013); “Slight Touch / Hsieh Chun-Te”, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung (TW, 2013); “Le Festinde Chun-Te”, The 54rd Venice Biennale Taiwan Pavilion, Venice (IT, 2011); “Eye of the Times – Centennial Images of Taiwan”, Taipei Fine Art Museum (TW, 2011); “Home”, Taiwan Biennial, The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung (TW, 2008);“Reflections of the Seventies: Taiwan Explores Its Own Reality”, Taipei Fine Art Museum (TW, 2011).

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