CHOU Tai-Chun

Chou Tai-Chun was born in 1986 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. He received his MFA degree with a specialization in painting from the Taipei National University of the Arts in 2012. His artworks have become a part of various domestic and foreign museum collections. Chou’s paintings have been selected for the Made in Taiwan – Art Taipei Young Artist Discovery in 2012. His solo exhibition named the “State of Flux” was installed in Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2016. From the earlier series of works “Globe Silent”, “Beyond the Silence”, and “Beyond the Mountains”, which the artist has been working on since 2011 to the series so far in 2020, Chou Tai-Chun has been gradually constructing a unique visual experience and imagination manifesting itself in the era the artist is living in now. He continues with his exploration of the conflict caused by the human intervention in nature. While touching upon the industrial history and terrain changes that Taiwan has been through, he develops a new dimension of time similar to the time travel. He currently lives and works in Taiwan. He had an experience for International Residency Exchange in OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea and BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama, Japan. His artworks are in the collection of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei Fine Arts Museum and White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney.

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