Mingshan Art

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    04.14.2022 (Thu.) 12:00 – 21:00

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    EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park (No. 1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)

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Paco UONG Solo Exhibition

Paco Uong’s “Smiling Beast” series was started in 2008. Uong’s method of splattering acrylic paints let the memory lines drift like wind and fall on the emotion-overwhelmed canvas, as if life is relieved. For Uong, the laughing beast is a reflection of himself, reflecting the emotions and memories of each period. Unlike the ripples of the oil-painting palette knife, the colors are more subjectively colorful.
“A distant view of scenery, a close-look of feelings” is Uong’s consistent creative style. From oil-painting to acrylic, like the coexistence of scenes above and below the water surface, reflecting the real state of mind. As time went on, the inner anxiety was slowly reconciled. The beasts of self in the happy zoo are finally smiling from the heart, showing all kinds of gentle gestures and thoughtfulness.
Paco UONG,The Smiling Piglet,2022
Paco UONG,The Smiling Dolphin,2022
Paco UONG,The Smiling Rabbit,2022
Paco UONG,The Smiling Parrot,2022
Paco UONG,I Feel Happy!,2021

Ying Huang LEE Solo Exhibition

Lee, who once traveled and lived in Kyoto, mostly uses literati bonsai and nature as the theme for his ink paintings, recording the scenery and moss stones during his travels, and having a dialogue with nature in a quiet state of mind.
Lee’s ink paintings highly pursue the manifestation of ink color. He repeatedly dyes on silk to explore ink colors’ nature and characteristics. White space is used to bring out the mysterious ink motion and a modest & silent Zen feeling. A very poetic and ethereal artistic conception, painting mountains and bonsai. From the mist in the early morning to the silence of night, Lee narrates the ever-changing scenes in the passage of time, and expresses it through the experience of object observations.
Ying Huang LEE,Nowhere,2022
Ying Huang LEE,Truth is in the Night Dream,2022
Ying Huang LEE,Silent,2022
Ying Huang LEE,Between the Lights,2022
Ying Huang LEE,A Dream within a Dream,2022
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