Julia Gallery

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  • VIP Preview

    04.14.2022 (Thu.), 12:00 – 21:00

  • Venue

    EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park (No. 1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)

  • Booth

    E06, E07

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Ming-Kang LEE Solo Exhibition

The starting point of the creation “Boundary Setting” series was inspired by a series of self-exploration under the pandemic. The risk of movement limits our life map. “Space” and “boundary” become a particularly strong common feeling in present space for the time being. It is very similar to the world depicted in the game “Death Stranding”.The streets are blocked, people are afraid of touching each other, and they isolate themselves. The Internet and courier have become the only bridge between most individuals and society.

The Stay-at-Home Economy in the Post Pandemic Era is more of a synthesis of inner emotions and outer motivations. It is also essential to fulfill the needs of those that can not be digitized or replaced in reality when we enjoy the convenience of the Internet. It happens to explain why the open-world games, construction simulators, and sandbox games bring more motivation and become the emotional outlets under the pandemic.

Human activities so far have already begun to leave a significant mark to form a new geological epoch in Earth history. The concept of “Nature” and “Digital” become the combined elements integrated into Lee Ming-kang’s work that brings us to self-reflection. The intersecting topics of “Anthropocene” and “Globalization” were illustrated by visual arts to interpret how a tiny individual introspect and how powerless an individual is when facing nature.

Ming-Kang LEE,Death Stranding,2022
Ming-Kang LEE,Foreign Land,2022
Ming-Kang LEE,One Way,2022
Ming-Kang LEE,The Beast Of Road,2022
Ming-Kang LEE,The Pool,2022


Jaw-Tsang LIN Solo Exhibition

To read works of Lin Jaw Tsang is like a person always easily to digest one or two astonishing sentences in a completed poem. They are like a sudden flashing light in darkness, tiny dotty symbol in falling rains, morning dew in early dawn light flashing a little life inspiration, troubled world out of window reflecting almost silent innerness, sudden heavy rain in summer afternoon, written name on water as dreamy fantasy, fish swimming freely in water, remnant shade on wall and years abrasion tracks etc.. All these daily life’s deep reflection is like a mirror reflects not the ordinary but some kind of eroded vestige in soul.

To be able to create is in fact gifted from God. Appreciating works at the same time, one seems to see oneself in misty water mark.

Jaw-Tsang LIN,Ebb,2007
Jaw-Tsang LIN,Seasonal rain,2011
Jaw-Tsang LIN,Outdoor theater,2011
Jaw-Tsang LIN,Grove,2011
Jaw-Tsang LIN,Dusk,2009