Aki Tsukamoto

1989 born in Japan. After graduating from Musashino Art University in 2014, Aki worked in Tokyo, mainly making screen prints. 2016 was a turning point, as Aki’s artistic practice shifted after he moved from Tokyo to New York, focusing more on oil painting. He believed that acrylic paint and spray paint would be the main medium of American culture and art, so he began to use oil as a medium to forge his creative path against the current. Soon after, he began creating works such as the “Neo-Cubism” series, which combined the art of the Pink Panther with Picasso, and the “Subway” series, which depicted animated characters in the New York subway system. In this way, he has been collaging ready-made patterns with familiar objects and places from his everyday life.
Apple founder Steve Jobs famously said: “You can’t connect the dots in advance, only when you look back to the present day in the future will you understand how the dots fit together. So you have to believe now that the bits and pieces that are happening in the present, will somehow be connected in the future.”
Talking about the uniqueness of things being unexpectedly connected or combined. In his painting practice, he has a keen interest in finding these dots and connecting them together in unforeseen and absurd ways. He is excited about his potential for storytelling in his work when the connection of points is often inconsistent or disturbed. For example, Japan’s MAD (animated music video), can edit and rearrange scenes from movies and animations on most video streaming platforms to create new unpredictable stories and endings that are far removed from their original setting. He was drawn to these unexpected forms and used them as inspiration to start his paintings.

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