Yin-Jiu Tang

Yin-Jiu Tang is a writer and a painter, and his writings involve a broad, complex and spiritual history. His paintings are another form of representation of his writings – stroke for words, images for content. Complex and violent conflicts are all moulded into the images he continues to reinvent. His paintings are more than “professional”; having nothing to do with beauty or ugliness, but rather about directly perceiving being alive, and facing life and death. Over and over again, he stands in front of the canvas with his body drenched in sweat and tears on his face. A more gesture filled method of painting allows him, a man full of emotions, to wildly express them within his craft. Indeed oil paint is more expressive, at the shifting of dusk and moring, he bids farewell to the world and in disguise, he begins to take on the identity of God, through borrowing the brush and the canvas he conjures imperceivable but vivid faces in the dark. Retaining God’s grief, patience, sympathy, and his own curiosity, humor, sorrow, and irony, he closes his eyes, guiding himself to see the shore on the opposite side. Upon seeing it, he starts to paint.

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