Sheng-Reui Yu

“Macro” realistic artist Sheng-Reui Yu graduated from the Fine Arts Institute of Normal University. Since 2011, he has been working on a series of “Luminous Research” works. The related works are not only important works for his master’s degree, but also received the “Hongmei Newcomer Award.” Many art critics have made a detailed and in-depth investigation of Sheng Reui’s creations, discussing the transformation of his creative process, the symbolism of the image elements, the distribution of the composition of the picture, the concepts of “reality” and “realism,” “translation” and “reinterpretation,” and demonstrated the centrality of his works. The “Luminescence Series” explores how paintings use light, and the luminescence shaping of space to project symbolic concepts. It can be described as a bold attempt to transform sculpture into painting, creating illusory but real imaginary images. This kind of reflection of light and shadow attempts to symbolize the author’s past and present complex and entangled life experiences through various symbols (objects) and their mapping connections. It has become a self-portrait that uses the luminous bodies to reflect his heart’s response to outside elements, like metal, glass, etc.

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