Po-Wei Huang

Po-Wei Huang was born in Taitung, Taiwan in 1982. He graduated from National Taiwan Normal University in 2019.
The creation is based on the moment when the mind is separated from the body in the experience of sickness and cannot complete simple actions. The body is an object. The object can be processed and the state of self-life is discussed in the process. As a result, different living body symbols are combined to produce a corresponding relationship with itself, deconstructing the original overall body view, and attempting to transcend the fixed body form. In the operation of the difference in the shape of the subject and the object, it is an attempt to visually create a sense of collision, pulling, and straddling to extend other possibilities. In the process of looking at the work, the viewers also deconstructs what they originally thought, and regained some gains or reflections from the image recognition. From the change, appropriation and conversion of visual symbols, as well as the mutual transformation of multiple media materials, the viewers are allowed to enter a relatively free and multiple space of traditional painting, and they can use self-experience to correspond to a different world.

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