Juan Ripollés

Juan Ripollés was born in 1932 in Valencia, Spain. He was once described by the Ambassador of Spain to China as the magnificent star in the magical art sky of Spain. Juan Ripollés is a world-famous contemporary maestro. As a native Spanish artist, his works are characterised by rich imagination and colorful styles, not only it’s full of innocence and delight, but it’s also revealing a sense of depth and magical feeling. Letting his imagination running wild; Becoming a figure where no one is able to copy; Unrestrained by limited thinking, coloring and style; These are what makes him the next Picasso and Miro, and also becoming known as the best contemporary artist in Spain.
For the past 50 years, the master has been constantly invited to world famous art galleries for exhibition across Europe, America and Parts of Asia.
The master’s versatility is also his specialty. Whether it’s oil painting, relief prints, crystal glass sculptures, resin sculptures or even bronze sculptures, are just a few of the many styles the Master can pull off.

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