Igor Dobrowolski

“It is very important for me to include, in all of my works a particle of hope, because I believe it’s going to be ‘better.’ Even after the greatest tragedies.” – Igor Dobrowolski

Through continuous attention and action on social issues and humanitarianism, the artist Igor Dobrowolski has developed a new series of works recently, using metal media and mirror treatment, carving on metal surfaces, and using mixed media and polyester which creates three-dimensional crystals. The sorrow and suffering in the past are sublimated into beautiful crystals. Through the characteristics of the metal and special treatment, the new series artwork is like the sun, shining brightly. The work is no longer just sorrow, but with a strong hope and power. Igor Dobrowolski has been concerned about social issues and humanitarianism for a long time. His creative forms include oil painting, photography, and mixed media creation. Motivated by the desire to convey true stories, Igor Dobrowolski launched a series of street art campaigns in different countries, using his art to juxtapose Western consumerism with human suffering. Intent to arouse people’s attention to social issues. In 2017, the artist created on billboards, which combining photographic artworks evoked the detrimental impact of fast fashion, try to guide the audience to reflect on value, reduce harm and help who or which directly and indirectly affect under the world of the prosperous.

“At that time, I was reading about what was going on in the world and I was struck by the trauma, the pain, the suffering – I wanted to do something. It was my way of expressing myself and I felt it in my heart. I was just painting and sleeping. Trying to make a difference. Wishing these all bring more inner power and warmful to you” – Igor Dobrowolski

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