Hung Yi

Hung Yi was born in 1970 in Taichung, Taiwan. He graduated from Ming-Dao High School in 1988. Since then and out of his love for art, Hung Yi wrote his diary in drawings, hoping that everything he sees each day are beautiful people, events and things. orary art.
The amateur artist/businessman, Hung Yi, became known as a “professional” artist for his participation in “Stock 20: the Railway Art Network, Taichung Station” in Taichung, Taiwan in 2000. This recognition puzzled him. He told himself that “creation” originates from oneself; it is spiritual and non-intentional. His style of creation has no set form or rules. He simply dedicates his heart and mind to the environment, using his hands and eyes to record his feelings. He has always believed that there is no particular greatness in art. Greatness lies in its intangibility. Hung Yi originates from the richness of life and people, to which he uses his versatile skill to add symbols, plus with the strength of steel and vibrant colours, reflect the footprints of culture while unburdened by tradition in order to create wider imagination and acceptance of things different. This integration and connection become new visual images and possibilities.
Hung Yi’s uniqueness and creation language, similar to his passionate and open personality, make his works shine with light and warmth, using beauty to influence his environment and enable us to find happiness and energy in the world of reality. After twenty years of solid hard work, Hung Yi has discovered his artistic future. That young boy who simply loved to draw has become an art practitioner, earning him recognition as a legendary figure in the world of contemp

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