Han-Wen Liu

It will let us feel a kind of spiritual oscillation of “interlacing time and space” while see the painting of artist Liu, Han-Wen. His realistic stroke describes abstract expression with somewhat cool human. He who loves watercolor for fifty years says that, “to choose water color is because its uncertainty and the absoluteness of being uneasy to change once painted.” In his paintings, there is no weakness of general watercolor found, but only has oriental verve similar to the effect ink painting tinged by multi-layer light filtering of watering colors, and the characters in the painting—dog, cat, tiger and insects etc. familiar living scenery to meet with people’s heart.
In multi-layer tinge of watercolour, he blends the artistic conception of Chinese painting with special expression of fictional time and space in a simple picture that allows simple and natural works to have more senses of mystery. Being fond of seeking new and change, and curious about anything, he likes to try various color blending methods and techniques of painting. His characteristic of being brave in creation is also reflected in what he said about creation idea: “how many experiences you have, how much limitless scope you own”.

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