Giancarlo Tognoni

The Italian second post-war artist Giancarlo Tognoni (1932-2020), created “Art as the mirror of history”, although it does not necessarily reflect all the phenomena of the entire ageit can more or less present a kind of microcosm of the times. Many works of art that can be called classics from ancient times to the present often have the eternal charm that transcends the times because of the distinctive characteristics of the times.
Tognoni’s works and ideas were born in the artistic thought that was just about to get rid of the constraints of art and flourished after World War II. It has also exhibited together with well-known Italian artists such as Fontana and Burri for many times, and has also been invited to participate in the Venice Biennale as a frequent visitor. Tognoni’s creations take abstract nature as the theme, constantly breaking the dimensions of the picture and giving new meanings; whenever viewing his paintings, it is like being immersed in an infinite universe.

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