Desire Obtain Cherish

Desire Obtain Cherish (D.O.C.), a.k.a. Jonathon Paul, is a Los Angeles, USA based artist whose works have attracted an audience worldwide. From early roots in L.A.’s street art scene, his repertoire has grown to encompass major international exhibitions such as the renowned Venice Biennale art festival in 2015. New York’s famous Saks Fifth Avenue in 2016 invited D.O.C. and his iconic Meltdown installations to take part in an art and fashion collaboration. The artist’s unique vision and fresh style have also attracted the eye of respected collectors including New York’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel, The Ecclestone Collection, The Feinberg Collection, La Laliberte Collection, American DJ Diplo and NBA player Dirk Nowitzki and Andrei Kirilenko.

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