Chiu Dou

Born in 1982, in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2009, Chiu earned his Master’s from the Graduate Institute of Fine Arts and Crafts, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. Chiu’s style is distinctive with his affinity to abstract expressionism and the internal consistency and expandability of his aesthetics. Chiu’s intuition and sensitivity are reflected by his meticulous translation of impressions, inspired by the environment, space itself, places, persons, and things, to paintings. He experiments with the effects of various media, pencils, charcoals, pastels, and colored pencils, in hopes of striking a synergetic spark. In 2020, Chiu embarked on an exploration of multicolor, adding a fourth dimension to the previous interplay between lines, dots, and planes of black and white. Incorporating colors has allowed Chiu to modulate tenderness and warmth more directly in his works.

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