Chen San

Contemporary artist Chen San ‘s (b. 1953) makes extensive use of symbolic elements in this series. The angular block structure can symbolize various events and individuals. They surround other cooler color blocks with warm and harmonious tones.
This series of works can be divided into three types of themes. They are the “Ink and Wash Series on Paper” with the most style of Chen San, adding directional elements to the ink and wash images that Chen San is good at, such as yellow light, orange circles, The landscape lines of the quick brushes, leave our imagination to flow and extend. The chaotic “War Series”, which combines Chen San’s bold color habit and novel composition method in the past, shows the artist’s understanding of disputes in the stream of consciousness The figurative and abstraction; the “color block series”, which is mainly based on clear color blocks, uses a large number of uniform and flat paint to express the warmth of the world and convey the soft power in the face of disasters.
However, whether it is describing chaos or peace, war or epidemic, what Chen San wants to convey is the equilibrium in the changing world. Through abstract and symbolic works, he expounds the essence of events. The existence of images is only a relationship of consciousness.

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