Beatriz Martin Vidal

Born in 1973, in Spain. Vidal studied at the University of Salamanca where she specialized in oil painting. During that period, Vidal developed an affinity for illustration, which took her to the Art School of Valladolid, where she completed a program for illustration. Vidal’s style derives from realist techniques of classical oil painting. Her subject matters are often beyond the ordinary that border the fantastical. Notwithstanding, her paintings are faithful recordings of real moments flourishing in her soul. Vidal wishes, whether through paintings and picture book illustrations, to narrate the imaginations and stories that enrich the human heart.
As Painter as well as illustrator my main focus is the inner reality. I feel that dreams, stories, the worlds inside people are as important for us as the outside world. Both worlds coexist, our inner world superpose to the outer reality. I love the dance between these two dimensions. The best thing of painting for me is being able to make visible the invisible. To give shape and color to this life we experience but is usually hidden to the eyes.

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