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    04.14.2022 (Thu.), 12:00 – 21:00

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    Helios Gallery Booth.E04 (Taipei EXPO Dome No. 1, Yumen St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104027)

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Samsara:Solo Exhibition of Will Yu

World-renowned heavy strike Helios Gallery Art agent Will Yu will enter its eighth year. The artist has gained a reputation overseas in recent years. The invitation to exhibitions continues and the media are rushing to report. The main visual promotion feature of the Moscow Contemporary Art Fair for the second consecutive year, 2021 On October 8th, through the recommendation of a French gallery, the work was awarded the Sotheby’s Autumn Auction in New York, with good results. Up to now, the artist work has been hard to find, and many collectors at home and abroad are waiting for it. At the same time, apply for registration Art Solo’s modern solo show cannot be better. It is a rare and beautiful opportunity for friends who love the creation of artists. We expect to exhibit 8 works, including works shipped back to Taiwan from the Moscow Art Fair, and some originally going abroad. The works exhibited in Britain and France are due to chance, and after vigorously fighting with artists, these good works can be exhibited in the form of solo exhibitions in Taiwan. It is rare in a lifetime and will no longer be missed.

Will Yu, On looking back, 2021
Will Yu, The paradise underneath the horizontal line 22, 2015
Will Yu, Transform, 2021
Will Yu, Time will pass, 2021
Will Yu, Looking back at youth, 2021