Galerie Grand Siècle

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    04.14.2022 (Thu.) 12:00 – 21:00

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    EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park (No. 1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)

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Galerie Grand Siècle is pleased to present an exhibition by Vietnamese contemporary sculptor Vu Binh Minh at ART SOLO from April 15th to 17th. Meanwhile, there is his solo exhibition “The Boundless Clouds” in our gallery. Vu Binh Minh’s artworks are deeply inspired by the surrounding nature, especially the flow of clouds and rain.The artist presents the works by expressing the variability of life. Although there are contemporary forms of the “Humid Zone” series, their meanings are still rooted in Asian culture. The balance between the various elements in his works represents yin and yang – while curvilinear shapes and negative space imply yin, yang space, and the strength and solidity of the material. The harmonic composition is influenced by the concept of yin and yang that combines opposites. Fascinated by the ever-changing shapes of clouds and water, Binh Minh creates iron sculptures not to imitate the actual form but to express his affection for them and contemplate the changes. Change is happening in life.

The Boundless Clouds: VU Binh-Minh Solo Exhibition

In Vietnam, Binh Minh is one of the very few contemporary sculptors working with iron and steel, and he finds in the material immeasurable potentialities. In most of his works, the artist cuts ready-made iron bars into short pieces and then bends them with construction tools. The pieces are assembled using a welding technique to create repetitive patterns that resemble the biology of cumulus clouds. Meanwhile, clouds and rain are imitated using straight coarse iron bars, and raindrops are shaped using a grinder.Using building materials in a unique way, the artist challenges the perception of iron and steel as beinghard and without mass. His art highlights the contrast between the lightness of clouds and the heaviness of metallic materials. Contrary to such heaviness, the sense of movement in Binh Minh’s works shows something light and airy. This is inspired by the flow of creatures that live in nature such as water and clouds. When the artist stitches pieces of iron together into an expressive form, he recreates the way in which water droplets enter the clouds. A poetic process that evokes the beauty of nature. It will take a lot of thought to keep such delicate works stable. The way Binh Minh shapes iron reflects the flexibility of the material and creates the feeling that his work is as airy as a cloud. From a distance, some of his works appear to be floating, thus evoking a sense of balance.
Vu Binh Minh,Fly through the turbulence,2020
Vu Binh Minh,Here comes the rain,2018-2022
Vu Binh Minh,Inside the clouds there's always rain,2022
Vu Binh Minh,Rain inside the clouds,2022
Vu Binh Minh,Rainy season,2019-2022