Double Square Gallery

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    04.14.2022 (Thu.) 12:00 – 21:00

  • Venue

    EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park (No. 1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)

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Double Square Gallery is delighted to join other 40 top art galleries from around the world to exhibit in the 2022 Art Solo at the EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park. The exhibition will run from April 15th to 17th, 2022. Double Square Gallery showcases two Taiwanese artists in this exhibition, Huang Hai-Hsin (Booth E08) and Chen Wan-Jen (Booth E09). “On the Move” series by Huang Hai-Hsin documents her journeys while she travels around the world and interprets what she saw in her paintings. In addition to capturing the humanity in contemporary society, she also uses a rich, vibrant, and saturated palette to present the narratives that she created. Artist Chen Wan-Jen uses “Ocean Is the Color of Time” as the exhibition title, focusing on the events happening around the beach featuring in summer ambiance. Through aerial photography and image manipulation, Chen’s videos and installations interpret the repeated movements of human beings and turn those fragments into eternity.



Huang Hai-Hsin’s series “On the Move”, presents the life of the artist traveling around the world. Scenes include the panic buying crowds in the shopping mall, the elderly resting in parks, cycling teams racing to the peak, etc. Huang captures the scenes in life and transforms them into paintings, which vividly illustrated what she sees, and experiences in her life to the viewers. Inspired by events and situations in daily life, Huang captures the amusing and awkward moments and focuses on all kinds of intriguing plots or the theatrical atmosphere. With humorous, entertaining composition reminiscing of journalistic photos and substantial and straightforward lines, she portrays the life of a spectrum of ordinary people in this world and exposes the subtle and neurotic moments of absurdity that inform the interpersonal relationships of the times, politics, society, and family. According to Huang Hai-Hsin, “I am always feeling very fortunate to be a creator. Painting creates a way for me to extract a part of my living experience and view things from a distance. It helps me to evaluate things from a more open-minded perspective.”
HUANG HAI-HSIN,Da-An Park,2018
HUANG HAI-HSIN,Erziping,2022
HUANG HAI-HSIN, Xiaoyoukeng ,2022
HUANG HAI-HSIN,The Leipzigerin #2 ,2017
HUANG HAI-HSIN,Victoria’s secret,2017


Chen Wan-Jen

In the exhibition “Ocean is the Color of Time”, artist Chen Wan-Jen showcases the scenes on the beach by filming people swimming in the ocean, strolling on the beach, sunbathing, etc. Chen employs drones to capture these human activities at the seaside, which through a series of editing techniques which Chen has brought to perfection, allowing him to lead the audience to experience every moment of the image in an infinite loop. Chen represents the elapsing fragments of time in his works as alienated and mechanical dynamic objects, to which he attaches his concerns and critique that make the images oscillate between realities and illusions. He also attempts to identify the significance embedded in these fragments of time, trying to frame the pictures of ephemeral time and space by creating scenes of extremely quotidian existence. According to the artist, “people look like plants properly distanced by the spatial arrangement, which not only leaves behind habitual behavior and understanding of social life in the past but also creates an unprecedented impact in terms of what we see in daily life.”
Chen Wan-Jen,Edge Selection,2020
Chen Wan-Jen,Midnight Blue,2017