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    04.14.2022 (Thu.), 12:00 – 21:00

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    EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park (No. 1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)

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Century Beyond Dream-Yufan CHAN solo exhibition

“When I thought I would mould you, an image from my life for men to worship, I brought my dust, desires and all my coloured delusions and dreams.” – Tagore
Dreams, like movies, retain image fragments that transcend time and space and encounter reality.
In the space of dream, there are scenes of life, even if you wake up from the dream, there is still a shadow of reality.
Artist Chan Yufan tries to get away from the reality of dreams, making characters and scenes change at will, and consciously creating symbols of dreams.
After nearly nine years, Cloud Gallery will present Chan Yufan’s solo exhibition “Century Beyond Dreams” at the Taipei Expo Domo in 2022, reinterpreting the art of dream-making, giving images a kind of metaphor of a story, expressing Byron’s “There is a dream state that is like a dream but not a dream.”When the dream is too deep, the dream will overflow into the realm of reality, creating another world beyond dreams.
This time, Chan Yufan brings new creations of various sizes and different series. “Shoemaker” is the first work of artist Chan Yufan’s “Professional Worker Series”.
The artist personally went to the Japanese shoemaker “Atsushi Kyunai ” to consult him about his shoemaking experience; “Dream Makers 3” maintains the consistent style of artist Chan Yufan, comparing the picture to a theater, where the objects in the picture, such as stage, props, protagonists, sets, etc.,are connected to a surreal dream; “Hunting Season” is the extension of the Dream Maker series continues the theatrical creation form, and visualizes the artist himself as one of the protagonists in the picture, creating another imaginary world with adventure, dream, and fairy tale-like story techniques, bringing the audience to escape or even indulge in that unreal time and space; ” Abnormal Amusement Park 5″ tells various social phenomena through the scenes and objects of the amusement park. This work is like the concept of a play within a play, using the circus theater in the amusement park as the starting point is to describe the preparations before a performance; “The Marten Bath Girl “, “The Duke of Sea Otter”, “The Marquis of Baboon”, “The Chess Player” are combined with the creation of classical famous paintings. After reinterpretation by Chan Yufan, they are like a continuation of the story. This creative method compares the differences between different artists in the two eras. Chan Yufan plays the role of the writer of the story, continuing the classic works and rediscovering the silent records in history, and interpret the same work in another way, in another time and place, and in another culture.

This exhibition also displays the well-received twelve constellation editions of silkscreen, which not only subvert the public’s impression of the traditional twelve constellations, but also integrate interest and story into the works, enriching the content of creation.

Except for paintings, this time Chan Yufan also brings a sculpture – David Wolf, which combines Michelangelo’s classic “David” with the shape of a wolf, giving this sculpture a spirit of bravery and wisdom, as well as combining classical aesthetics with contemporary art .

From April 14th to April 17th, 2022, we sincerely invite you to visit Cloud Gallery’s booth D12 to jointly pursue the sound of the dream that wanders back between the dream and the awakening.
Yufan CHAN,Shoemaker,2016
Yufan CHAN,Hunting Season,2018
Yufan CHAN,Abnormal musement Park 5,2018
Yufan CHAN,Dream Creator 3,2020
Yufan CHAN,Marten Bath Girl,2021