Akihiko Yoshida

Akihiko Yoshida of elier Nikichi opened a shop in Rebun Island at the age of 24 and began his creative life career. Mr. Nikichi said, “Removing stubborn paranoia and adding new elements is the basic attitude of creating and making things”.Over the past few decades, Nikichi has made over 10,000 items ranging from small items such as belts to larger items over 2 meters high work. For him every day, every piece of work is important. No two pieces are alike, they are all carefully crafted do. From softly sculpted objects to expressive figures. Nikichi hopes to bring joy to everyone through his works Laughing, it’s an art.
These sculptures look as ethereal and light as porcelain, but unexpectedly they are carved from a single piece of wood, with no traditional wood at all.Engraved stagnation, each piece takes its own breath.In recent years, Nikichi’s creative theme is mainly animals. These animals record my daily thoughts and thoughts.Said to be his spiritual diary.
Through anthropomorphism, it pursues the universality of the emotions experienced by humans in animals. Look carefully at the eyes of the animals. It is closed, giving a sense of serenity, piety and security.

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